So why choose Cloudamour as your cloud computing partner?

Here's the first Clue: We are the World Wide Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year

Here's the second clue: We don’t just see ourselves as an IT service provider, we see ourselves as your strategic partner. Our mission is to consistently add value to your business by taking the time to understand how it works and how we can make it even greater. 

We’re going to transform your views on office technology. We’re going to make it faster, safer, better and more cost-effective. You’re going to love IT.

There are three factors you’ll consider most important when you’re considering a new IT provider

  • Technical expertise

All of our members of staff share two passions. The first is technology. Nobody works here unless they really know their stuff. They are all 'cloud evangelists' and are hardened believers in the quality of service it delivers to our clients because ultimately, they know!

As you would expect we're accredited partners of Microsoft, Google Apps, Cisco, WebSense, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Citrix and to name but a few. These partnerships ensure we have access to the highest level of technical support should we ever need it.

  • Service

The second of our people’s passions is service. You’re probably sceptical. Doesn’t every company brag about service? Maybe so, but here we put it right up there with technical expertise on our priority list. We see our role as that of a partner, not a call centre or a supplier. We’re not interested in ‘good enough’. We want you to be pleased you found us with every single interaction.

So of course we only hire the very best people available – people with an obsession for service, who’ll go the extra mile and a half for you and consider it a short trip.

We try to deliver the highest possible return on your investment, add value wherever possible, and leave a smile on your face.

  • Cost

Here’s the good news: migrating your business to the cloud will invariably save you money directly on hardware and software. Anything up to 80% of your existing IT spend will remain in your bank account, to do much better things with.

How about some more good news? Your staff are going to be more productive. With a cloud-based software infrastructure that’s more closely integrated than ever before, and no system outages or downtime, you can expect less time spent on the phone to support, faster learning curves and better business efficiency. And the real beauty of working in the cloud is the freedom: mobile working and working from home becomes a breeze, a breath of fresh air. Because that’s what cloud computing is really all about – flexibility and always-on access. So if your people are always connected, you’re going to see even better business results.

We always strive to go that extra 1.5 miles and deliver a service our clients trust and rely upon. We are pretty sure you will amour the experience.