3rd February 2014
  Last Thursday saw the debut of the Modern Office, the first opportunity for attendees to see, hear and trial the newest Cloud gadgets, which are driving change in modern and virtual offices.   Work
17th April 2014
Are you looking for a reason not to adopt Cloud software solutions for your business? Here are our top 10 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t move to the Cloud. 1. You don't want new software that runs faster, does more or is easier to use like you would get from a Cloud service provider. Your users really hate changes – especially those that will make their jobs easier.
17th April 2014
Windows XP End of Support. What does this mean for me? April 8, 2014, marked the End of Support for Windows XP and Office 2003. We’re sure you have questions. What does “End of Support” actually mean? After April 8, 2014, there will be no more updates or support for Windows XP and Office 2003. These products were released over 10 years ago, and have had free updates over that decade.
10th April 2014
You are likely to have seen or read about a major IT security issue called “Heartbleed” in the news recently, and may be wondering what it’s all about, is the hype justified, and does it really affect you? Here’s what you need to know.   What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is a major security bug that was discovered earlier this week which affects any websites that use HTTPS and don’t run on Microsoft Windows behind the scenes.
14th March 2014
Here at Cloudamour we have been talking a lot about the Modern Office and what that looks like when it comes to technology, and especially cloud computing.  The below infographic gives a clear picture of how these modern offices are operating when it comes to moving to the cloud. With 81% of businesses having moved some or all of their systems to the cloud, we can see what concerns held them back, with security being the biggest worry.  However it shows that the reality is that it is a lack of understanding of cloud computing that stops them moving.
28th February 2014
Power cuts and Internet connections failures prevent your business from operating normally, costing your business in terms of reduced productivity and an inability to meet your client’s needs. The longer term fall-out could involve lost sales or cancelled contracts that directly affect your profits.But many of these issues can be avoided using Cloud based hosting. Take this example from our own recent past…
28th February 2014
It may be cheesy to say but we believe that Cloudamour is one of the best places to work, and this is mainly to do with the team around us.  Even if you work with us regularly you may not get to meet everyone here so we thought we would bring them to you, and of course it's important to know their Nerf preferences!  Here is the second part of our 'Meet the Team' blogs, if you missed part one click here.
5th February 2014
We continue our look at our favourite apps and add ins this month with a very clever Add-In from Microsoft.
10th January 2014
When running a business, effective management is critical to success. Management extends to all aspects of your business, including the IT estate. Which is why it is very important that your servers are always checked and monitored.There are two different types of server management;·       “Proactive management” where the servers are always monitored and looked after, even when running correctly.
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