You can register a website domain name from a dozen domain name registrars, so why come to cloudamour for domain registration and management?

Because we make life simpler. In fact, because it’s so easy to register domains online, most companies end up accumulating domain names from various different sources. That makes domain management and domain name renewal stressful, time-consuming and open to errors. Errors that could cost you your website and your reputation.

Our domain registration and management service takes the hassle out of maintaining a constant and reliable online presence.

With cloudamour you can automate domain name renewals for those domain names you could never afford to lose, and buy domain names that will offer you the chance to diversify or strengthen your business offering.

Take as much control as you like. We can look after every aspect of domain management and website hosting, or you can have total management control, from protecting domain privacy through Whois, transferring domain names and email forwarding through to advanced DNS control and A and MX records, and DNS load balancing. We can also help with Domain name ownership resolution as well as assisting with domain transfers.

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