Changing or upgrading your IT will improve your performance, enhance your ability and increase your availability. Getting it right first time is essential. The Cloudamour experience gives you this peace of mind.

Much as we extol the many virtues of cloud computing, of course every business still requires hardware and network infrastructure onsite.


Working in the cloud doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how to get down and dirty installing servers, networking hardware and cabling, desktops and software. In fact, for many of our clients, physical installations have been an invaluable part of overhauling their IT systems for a leaner, more cost-effective infrastructure and a smarter way of working.

We’ve got great relationships with all the major hardware and software suppliers, so went it comes to procurement we can usually source at a reduced rate. We can supply and install all sorts of Windows, Linux and Mac servers and desktops, as well as all the associated networking equipment such routers, switches and firewalls.

All of our installations follow our well-trodden project management disciplines to ensure that our installations are effective, seamless and efficient. We take great pride in our work and we're of the ‘cables must be tidy’ school of thought.


We make migrating to the cloud a breeze. In fact we can put everything but your physical PC and printer set-up in the cloud. Of course any cloud computing migration company should be able to handle that – where cloudamour stands apart is on our approach. We’ve carried out enough cloud migrations to know the general principles inside and out, but we treat each migration on a case by case basis. That’s because every business – and every user base – is different: different expectations, different levels of knowledge and understanding, different skill sets, different needs and different priorities. So the first, and longest, stage in any cloud migration project is to spend quality time with you. In this way we can accurately scope the cloud migration - ensuring that the cloud strategy supports and enhances your business strategy, demonstrably manages risk, manages user expectation and acceptance, and follows phases that we’ve devised together.

Of course our core service includes the migration of internal systems as not all our clients are ready for the cloud yet. If you need to upgrade from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012, or you want to virtualise your network, we can help.

Getting a migration wrong can damage your business almost irreparably; getting it right will make you faster, leaner and more able. Why trust your business with anyone else?