The success of any IT network is proactive management. With our managed service, you'll enjoy total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge we've got your best interests at heart.

Our managed services shoulder the burden of responsibility and guarantee peace of mind for your onsite infrastructure and cloud-hosted software and services. We work to ITIL-recommended standards, so you can be sure our techniques and methods are derived from the most up-to-date and internationally-recognised advice.

  • Server and network infrastructure

We monitor system performance continuously, so we’ll spot an issue before it becomes a problem, and be addressing it before your users pick up the phone. We carry out daily back-ups and system health checks on all server infrastructure and perform patching on all servers and desktops as soon as updates are available – or as soon as it’s convenient for you. We’ll agree out-of-hours maintenance windows which suit your business needs, so your systems are always available when you need them, and the network running at maximum possible speed. You’ll receive monthly IT support and infrastructure utilisation reports so you’re always in the know – and that allows us to ensure that there’s no wastage and you’re making best use of your hardware investments. If there’s underuse, we’ll show you how you can save money and streamline your infrastructure with better use of cloud services.

  • Technical support

Your users receive unlimited telephone and remote support on all agreed software applications and hardware – whether it’s installed onsite or hosted in the cloud. Users get full access to our customer extranet to log and track incidents in real-time, so you’re never left in the dark. And because we take full ownership of all third party vendors, you get a single, personal and knowledgeable point of contact for all your support needs. Ours is a bespoke technical support service, so we can be available 24/7 if you need us. We offer full major incident management, aim to resolve any major incident within a single hour, and all other incidents within half a working day. And those monthly IT support reports will tell you exactly how we’ve performed, and highlight any regular problems so we can identify any changes in software, hardware and user training requirements.

  • Strategic benefits

Proactive systems monitoring and our monthly support and infrastructure reports allow us a detailed insight into the way all your onsite and cloud-hosted hardware and software perform – individually and collectively. As cloud computing specialists, we keep a close eye on the latest developments and possibilities. That knowledge, combined with the data collected on the way your business uses its resources, allows us to take a strategic view. It’s our aim to help you make your business as profitable and successful as possible, so when an opportunity arises which can deliver definitive benefits to your company, you’ll know about it. We provide you with a Continual Service Improvement Plan and your dedicated account manager will visit you on a regular basis to discuss performance – ours and that of your technical set-up – but we’re always available to talk business strategy and technical developments.