is probably the world’s leading cloud computing sales and CRM (customer relationship management) solutions provider. What started out as a clever contact management system stored in the cloud has grown to become so much more…

As a partner, we can show you which of their range of products will make the greatest difference to the way you keep in touch with your customers and prospects, and the way your sales teams can work more productively, more efficiently, more effectively, and boost your profit margin.

The core product is Sales Cloud, which handles sales force automation and contact management. It tracks every interaction between your people and your contacts; encourages sales and marketing departments to share information and work more closely together; integrates use of social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; integrates calendars with Office 365 and Google Apps; allows collaboration with your partners and your entire sales force; introduces better workflows and approval processes; and gives you the analytics that shows you exactly how your firm, and your people, are performing.

It’s also the only cloud sales and CRM software of its type that’s completely available from every mobile device too – and your salespeople on the road and at client site need instant, up-to-date customer information. According to, their customers report average increases of 25% in sales wins, 33% in lead conversion, 34% in sales productivity and 29% in sales revenues. Don’t you think you could handle the improved sales performance?

We’ll guide you through setting up and managing, act as your sole point of contact to ensure continuity and consistency of service and support, and show which of more than a thousand sales apps can boost your business even further.

Fast, flexible, focused and fully scalable – what are you waiting for?