Cloud computing has radically changed IT and how it is used and managed. That's why you need a cloud specialist to show you exactly what your business can really do.

If your IT infrastructure isn’t performing at its best, it could be costing you time and money, damaging staff morale and increasing IT administration workload.

A detailed IT infrastructure audit is your opportunity to take back control of your networks and make the technology you’ve invested so heavily in work smarter.

You can register a website domain name from a dozen domain name registrars, so why come to cloudamour for domain registration and management?

Because we make life simpler. In fact, because it’s so easy to register domains online, most companies end up accumulating domain names from various different sources. That makes domain management and domain name renewal stressful, time-consuming and open to errors. Errors that could cost you your website and your reputation.

How clear a picture do you have of your IT strategy? It should be one of your top priorities, woven into your business strategy.

Changing or upgrading your IT will improve your performance, enhance your ability and increase your availability. Getting it right first time is essential. The Cloudamour experience gives you this peace of mind.

The success of any IT network is proactive management. With our managed service, you'll enjoy total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge we've got your best interests at heart.

Nobody knows your business better than you. And nobody will make a better effort to understand it than us. At cloudamour we make it our business to know your business inside and out.

That’s what makes our IT project management service so special. It’s not just about the tech stuff (although we certainly amour that bit). It’s about your business needs and business goals. It’s about collaboration and partnership. It’s about shouldering the burden.

Relocating your offices is an arduous task and a logistical juggling act. Exciting, yes. Full of possibility and potential, yes. Enjoyable…well that’s debatable.

Support is not just about someone picking up a phone; support is about service, trust and consistent knowledge about your business. Service is sewn in to our DNA and we're trusted by 100's of companies just like yours.

The best thing about IT is that it allows you to do more in less time. However unless you or your staff are properly trained, you will always be working at half-speed.

At Cloudamour we've come up with an amazing and highly effective training service that you and your users will simply love.